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The radio industry's trusted trading and accountability system

J-ET was UK media’s first automated trading platform and now handles 95% of all national radio advertising.

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J-ET has reduced the amount of time spent planning, buying, and reconciling radio campaigns by around a third, for a trading cost of just 0.25%. Covering the campaign lifecycle – from initial briefs to proposals to finance release – 99% of J-ET bookings are paid on time, error-free. With data incorporated directly from the RAJAR engine, J-ET features numerous reporting options for both bookings and post campaign analysis. These are all easily exportable, with the option of charts and graphs ensuring maximum flexibility for internal and client analysis. 

J-ET has over a thousand users from both large and small media agencies, and broadcasters, consisting of planners and sales executives, as well as finance, senior management, scheduling and econometric teams. 

Over the years, J-ET has expanded to include Copy+ which allows for copy instruction management and integrates with Adwanted’s Audiotrack copy delivery system, meaning all aspects of the playout process are covered. Additionally, it also integrates with planning, sales, traffic and finance systems, with full audit trails for complete transparency.

Over 12 million spots traded annually
Integrates with over 40 different systems and API's
Bespoke, customisable reporting
Reduces the time taken toplan and buy a radio campaign by 30%

What our clients say

"The main difference that we have in Radio with J-ET is constant and trackable campaign management. The JCN (Jicrit Campaign Number) allows us to know what was approved, when it was approved, when it was amended and what the results were. We almost never have post campaign debates on radio about what was approved or what went out – it’s transparent and owned by both sides of the transaction."
Co-founder at Trisonic