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Manage and optimize the programming of your TV channel

Reference and organize the editorial information of your programs, develop your forecasting grids and automatically transmit your playlist to the broadcasting system.

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Reference and operate the editorial and right information associated with your programs

CTS Broadcast’s centralized database structures and secures all editorial information (titles, casting, synopsis, etc.) and contractual information (linear and replay rights) related to the broadcast programs. It also preserves the broadcast history of the programs. This information is then used for communication purposes, for example: for the EPG, press listings and web publications, and is transmitted to regulatory and fee collection organizations through their API. It also allows to rigorously monitor the rights consumption and to control compliance with broadcasting conditions when a program is scheduled.

Organize and simplify the tasks required to design your program schedules

CTS Broadcast traffic system offers graphical tools as well as control and validation mechanisms to simplify daily, weekly and  seasonal scheduling. Advanced features allow to automate and secure ad and billboards scheduling to plan self-promotional campaigns; to assign automatically secondary events (e.g. logo, coming next, etc).

Optimize the material workflow

As a business management software, CTS Broadcast  communicates with the MAM (Media Asset Management) to exchange technical data related to the media to be broadcast. It also integrates a player to check, segment and turn into ready-to-air the media. CTS Broadcast automatically generates the daily playlist in a compatible format (BXF or proprietary) for the TV station’s broadcast system.  Post-broadcast, it automatically recovers the on-air report (AsRun logs) in order to generate the broadcast certificates for advertisers, program distributors and control bodies.


Securing of the grid

  • Control of technical, legal and editorial constraints
  • Automatic integration of the advertising playlist from the sales-house
  • Communication with the broadcast platform

Control of the rights

  • Input and follow-up of deals memo, contracts and amendments
  • Automatic control with respect of contractual rights
  • Report of the follow-up on the rights used


  • Assistance in the creation of TV listings for the press
  • Transmission of the EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • Publication of the grid to the media

Respect of legal obligations

  • Quota listing and control
  • Copyright statement

Productivity gains

  • Powerful program planning tools
  • Anticipation of planning tasks
  • Task sharing in a multi-channel context
  • A single source of information avoiding multiple entries
  • Automatic replay scheduling
  • Organization and optimization of trailer placement
  • Automatic assignment of secondary events

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