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We deliver more than audio

A dedicated audio distribution service powered by J-ET, the radio industry’s trading system. Audiotrack combines the experience, technologies and relationships of Mediatel and Peach to simplify and improve the audio distribution process for all. 

Powered by and fully integrated with J-ET, the radio trading system, Audiotrack was created by industry experts with an in-depth understanding of the workflow. This is the only system that can provide industry trusted proof of playout as well as delivery. It is supported by unrivalled client servicing from a UK-based dedicated helpdesk.

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Industry powered, accurate and trusted
Delivery to all audio platforms: radio, podcast and streaming
Reduces administration; driving time and cost efficiencies

What our clients say

"The industry had been waiting for some time for something like this to come along. The dashboard is a great tool to see new campaigns that are heading our way helping us to manage our time. The Audiotrack team are simply amazing."