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Track your investments and those of your competitors

Create your campaign reports and analyze your competition in a few clicks with the advertising monitoring solution.

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Adwanted AdMonitor, the advertising monitoring software that helps you track your investments and those of your competitors.

You can access all media investments measured by Kantar in spot-by-spot or month-by-month in detail, enriched by audience (TV, Radio, Press) and advertiser sales data.

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Draw up your campaign reports using the full range of available indicators

  • GRP distribution by bracket
  • GRP active week
  • Useful coverage
  • And much more!

Automate your reporting with your ad tracking software

Generate your advertiser's reports with ease. With Adwanted AdMonitor, you can now export raw data in the form of flat sorting, images and formatted exports to Excel and PowerPoint with a single click. No need to enter your data by hand: the risk of errors is minimized and your time is optimized!

Enrich your competitive analysis with multiple data sources

Compare your investment, audience and sales data and optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns. Analyze the advertiser's campaigns in more depth with respect to their competitors thanks to our lists and our campaign sheets that have advanced, high-performance filters.

Customize your campaigns

Create your personalized campaign calendars by product and/or by advertiser. The calendars are fully customizable and allow you to visualize the communication waves of a product universe by displaying the desired levels (Advertiser Groups, Advertisers, Media, Supports...).

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