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The Adwanted Medialand feature often helps online casino gamers to re-sort huge amounts of data. It is also very practical in an online casino with bonuses, everything is convenient in a few clicks, and an in-depth analysis of the media landscape is also carried out. We can confidently tell online casino players that you can extract the result of your analysis in the form of an Excel, Powerpoint set.

Adwanted MediaLand’s cross-sorting feature allows you to sort a huge amount of data in a few clicks and produce an in-depth analysis of the media landscape.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, you can extract the result of your analysis as a set of graphs; in Excel, Powerpoint, or on a web page, our dashboard possibilities are endless.


Optimize your campaigns according to your performance objectives

Build your plans according to different indicators (opportunity to see, coverage, circulation, affinity, etc.).

Find all your studies in a single tool

ONE Next, ONE Next Premium, TGI and your Ad Hoc studies, Internet Global...

Measure the impact of your print and digital campaigns

Build your print and digital plan (press and digital), then analyse the increase in coverage by this device and finally compare brand audiences.

The different modules


The tool dedicated to press media planning (ONE Next audience, Junior connect, ONE Next Premium, Santé Connect, TGI ...).


Software dedicated to digital media planning (Mediamétrie Global Internet audience).


(Print and digital) – ONE Next Global.

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