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Since 2005, 100%Media has been the main source of information for media decision makers. It is the publisher of the only site in France providing media data free of charge to the advertising market to aid investment, including: media advertising rates, case studies and advertising agencies contacts. 100%Media – The Media Leader is a daily newsletter sent free of charge to 35,000 recipients.

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It informs advertisers, media agencies and advertising departments about current marketing, research and media news.

100%Media – The Media Leader also organizes events, including the Media Agency of the Year Award in France and the Studies and Innovations Trophy, and also organizes white-label events for partners (e.g. Audio Moves, Innov Aud.io). 

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In early January 2022, the ACPM delivered the results of its audience study on professional communication media. According to the study, respondents read an average of 7 sources of information via 5 different access modes. 100%Media – The Media Leader has confirmed its power and remains the leader for media agencies.

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