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Our activities are based on two main activities: Software and Data& content. The biggest media companies in the world trust us to deliver information that makes them better at what they do for their customers. Our events aim to inform, educate, and connect. We deliver essential data to enhance marketing plans. Our systems enable advertising to be bought, sold and evaluated better and faster. 

We never forget that we are humans not machines and don’t build tech for tech sake. 

We bring efficiency and effectiveness for our clients through seamless teamwork to offer the best service and advice at every turn. Our tenacity help us todeliver opinions on the future and how we can help deliver that future. We serve the needs of 15,000 users across 3 continents (Europe, Africa, North America).

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Our growth

After 9 years of development, we are now an international group of 120 people based in New York, Paris, London, Chicago and Lille. We help the biggest media companies around two expertises:  Data & Content and Softwares. 

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