Adwanted SPACE

Adwanted SPACE is a central Database of OOH advertising screens and poster sites.

Commissioned by the UK OOH Standards Group, we have developed the database as well as hosting and managing Adwanted SPACE on behalf of the OOH industry.


The database registers over 500,000 OOH frames, allocating them with a unique identification code. Inventory is classified by location, environment and format as well as providing the opportunity to detail relevant site attributes such as production requirements or mobile touchpoint references.This improves the transfer of data across the sector, offering a diverse range of benefits from geographical placement through to historical competitive data.

 “We are proud to have created ADWANTED SPACE UK, which is also a world first collaboration project of this nature. It will enable the UK industry to benefit from the common standards which are increasingly required in order to improve efficiency and data compliance in the assessment and transaction of Out of Home Advertising”

Mungo Knott (Primesight) and Gavin Lee (Posterscope) (Joint chairs of the Standards Committee)

Adwanted SPACE will operate as a bedrock database for the industry, providing OOH frames related requirements including; access to Route’s audience data, calculation of proximity restrictions to socially sensitive locations, and classification groupings for volume and expenditure data. It can be accessed by API for the population and extraction of data, as well as providing a standard web GUI.

Adwanted SPACE manages the allocation of unique industry standard codes to identify individual advertising frames across the United Kingdom.

Adwanted SPACE helps to develop standards for the transmission of common data across the industry, and will pave the way for improved systems, efficiency savings and future automation.Adwanted SPACE is overseen by the Outdoor Industry Standards Committee which is made up from members of Outsmart and the IPA Outdoor Group (IPAO).

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