Adwanted Allocator

Automate your responses with AI

Thanks to Adwanted Allocator, reduce your management costs by using artificial intelligence. Answering all your customers can be time consuming. Through our solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, we are able to provide different bots to answer recurring questions (GTC, process …) or availability requests on some of your offers. We also have solutions that allow you to automatically build plans to meet the needs of your customers while protecting your interests. 
Thus, keep control of the AI in order to decide when it takes over from your sales representatives, in order to control the extent of the connection to your stocks.

Additional Software

Thanks to our interactive RFP module, you can address new buyers who will be accompanied step by step in the formalization of their request!


Reach & Frequency

Adwanted Medialand

Reach& frequency for print, digital & cinema

Media Buying

Adwanted AdwOne

Ad campaign management & reporting

Adwanted Route API

Interface for complex OOH decisions

AD Intelligence

Adwanted AdMonitor

Brands ad expenses monitoring


Adwanted J-ET

Audio Trading system

Adwanted Platform

Print focused marketplace


Adwanted Audiotrack

Radio, Audio streaming services and podcast ad copy delivery

Adwanted CTS Broadcast

TV and radio station grid management system


Adwanted Allocator

Automatic ad allocation system for TV & Radio

Adwanted CTS Advertising

Advertising booking software

Adwanted JAM

Traditional media DSP and RFP

Adwanted MediaCRM

CRM (add-on to Adwanted MediaPilot)

Adwanted MediaPilot

Inventory management system (from booking to billing)

Adwanted Media Services

Media Pilot information access platform