Adwanted edits software, each dedicated to a precise need for you to create your own advertising system.

Adwanted MediaPilot

Inventory management system (from booking to billing)

Adwanted MediaCRM

CRM (add-on to MediaPilot)

Adwanted CTS Broadcast

TV and radio station grid management system

Adwanted Medialand

Reach and frequency for print, digital and cinema

Adwanted AdwOne

Ad campaign management and reporting

Adwanted AdMonitor

Brands Ad expenses monitoring

Adwanted Platform

Print focused marketplace

Adwanted JAM

Traditional media DSP / RFP

Adwanted Allocator

Automatic Ad Allocation system for TV and radio

Adwanted Space

OOH focused marketplace

Adwanted J-ET

Radio and podcast focused marketplace

Adwanted Audiotrack

Radio and podcast ad copy delivery

Adwanted Media Services

Media Pilot information access platform

Adwanted CTS Advertising

Radio and podcast ad copy delivery