The Essential of Computer Distribution


Created in September 2010, the Partenaire Média Publishing group is the first French B to B press publisher totally dedicated to informing the indirect distribution networks of the IT sector.

Our aim is to guarantee the existence of a professional press indispensable to any economic sector and privileging the depth of information. The paper-based press allows this treatment from the moment it plays its role of advising, discovering new trends and new sources of business development: the investigation and understanding of the markets and the technologies that support it remain a priority for the whole team of "Essentials of IT Distribution" or "EDI".

A true TOOL magazine, "EDI" is intended for all players in the IT distribution market: referral and purchasing centers, SMB, VAR, ESN, ISV and wholesalers. Our distribution is based on a monthly routing to more than 12,000 qualified contacts targeting the general management, Purchasing departments, Marketing and Sales departments. A monthly on paper remains a medium with which each reader maintains a relationship of use, of reading time and of convenience of access that nobody will question.
The affective relationship that our subscribers maintain with "EDI" gives our Group a unique and strategic position in the IT distribution market for your speech and marketing campaigns.


A true magazine tool, EDI anticipates and accompanies the evolution of IT distribution.

Its objective is to provide monthly information to all players in the sector, both dense and clear, covering all the current topics and describes the changes in the market.

EDI now offers more than 20 items to its readers: reseller, integrator, VAR, ESN, specialist in telecom or office automation, or MSP. Everyone will find content adapted to their business and its problems.

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  • PERIODICITY: Monthly

  • THEMATIC: Computer Science and Technology / Computer Science

  • DRAWING: 11,000 copies

  • SALE PRICE: 10 euros