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Emmanuel Debuyck
Emmanuel Debuyck, CEO Adwanted Group

Birth of Adwanted

With the arrival of the ad exchanges in 2008 and commercialization of the digital advertising space online, the market is now accustomed to buying space on market places. Thus, Adwanted began.

Adwanted, a revolution!

Adwanted is the initiator, having launched the first cross media buying platform in the world, back in 2012.

At Adwanted, we believe that the buying and selling process must be a matter of speed, efficiency and independence.

Adwanted.com is the only marketplace that helps print media easily and quickly sell their inventory to buyers on one unique space. The platform will soon offer inventory from other sources of traditional media as well.


Adwanted offers media companies a quick and easy way to market their advertising space; and advertisers and their agencies to get access, book and purchase these advertising space online.

Create your account and get access to inventory for thousands of titles!

Auction - Private market Place

Through its subsidiaries Adwanted.com, Affinity Media, Audience Media, AccessOutdoor, Carthage, and CSE, Adwanted Group is present in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Click on the logos below to learn more!

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