Adwanted - Frequently asked questions



Frequently asked questions

The selection of the most asked questions by our users :


How much does it cost to use the Adwanted platform ?

The platform is free to SRDS subscribers who register.

When will the Adwanted marketplace be live?

Don't panic! The Adwanted Team will contact you soon. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

What are the benefits of using the platform ?

  • More than 32,000 available offers,
  • By the end of 2018, thousands more consumer titles will be available for transactions on the Adwanted platform
  • Approximately 6,700 titles will have SRDS data

How to create a campaign on Adwanted ?

Step 1 : Log in to
Step 2 : Create an advertiser
Step 3 : Create your campaign and select your criteria
Step 4 : Negotiate with Publishers
Step 5 : Find your insertion order once negotiations are completed

What kinds of media can I buy with Adwanted ?

At launch, Adwanted will feature inventory from 9,000 titles and websites, including offline print, digital, as well as ancillary programs like conference/event sponsorship, email marketing and more. By the end of 2018, thousands more consumer titles and inventory will be added to the platform.


What type of inventory can I put for sale on Adwanted ?

Adwanted is 100% dedicated to traditional media (TV, radio, press, cinema, print). At the moment, private marketplaces are open to Print inventories.

When will the Adwanted marketplace be live?

The platform is slated to go live later this summer with 9,000 B2B titles and websites. By the end of the year we anticipate that thousands more B2C properties will be live on the platform, with more being added every week.

How does billing from Adwanted work ?

Your terms and conditions apply to the buyers. You charge your customers directly.

What is a landing page ?

It's the showcase page that allows you to present your agency and your promotional offers. It is open to all and accessible to non registered users. So, you can communicate the URL of this page to your contacts. However, platform users can see your inventories.