Private market places


Programmatic buying: a reality!

Private market places are based on a proprietary technology developed by Adwanted, to facilitate transactions between a media company and its customers (media agencies and advertisers).

Private market places allow to optimize the process of media buying and selling: overview of current orders, management of operations, O/I Management , reporting, through an easy and secure access.

The private market places are dedicated to off-line inventories. They can however also offer intelligent packages incorporating digital, or cross-media.

For a perfect integration, we have made our solution completely compliant with most of existing softwares on the market, and have based our developments on the industry standards.


For Advertisers

Access to thousands of offerings

Negotiate online

Manage and send insertion orders

Create campaigns (import from Medialand or create directly on the platform)

Manage Advertisers

Stored Campaign History (by customer/campaign/media brand)

Team Management

For Sellers

Manage users and teams

Manage commercial offers (rates, titles, etc.)

Manage pre-negotiated client rates

Unique Data

Manage and send I/Os

Stored Campaign History (by customer/campaign/media brand)